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PEP Availability in NeLP Countries

Post-exposure ARV-based prophylaxis (PEP) is approved for use in Europe and should be started as soon as possible after HIV risk exposure, but always within 48/72 hours.

In June 2016 members of the Network of Low HIV Prevalence Countries in Central and South East Europe (NeLP) contributed by completing a questionnaire about availability of PEP in the NeLP countries, adn the received responses document that the issue of access to PEP is even more critical in the region of Central and South East Europe than in the resto of Europe.

Report on availability of PEP in NeLP countries has been compiled, and we are hoping it will be useful in advocating for access to PEP. Please let us know if there is any way NeLP can assist in the advocacy process for availability of PEP in your country.

Large thanks go to Robert Hejzak for compiling this report.

Download pep-in-nelp.pdf