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“Dose of love” Association - Bulgaria

“Dose of love” Association is and NGO founded in 1999 in the town of Burgas, Bulgaria.

Innovation and effectiveness,
Trust and empathy,
Here and now!

“Dose of love” Association is a non governmental organization that unify experts in the drug habits field and HIV/AIDS prevention.
The accent of the activity is put on the health, social and legal statute on the representatives of groups practicing risky behavior.
In its participation in developing of local and national strategies and programs our team distributes its experience and the good practices among organizations and colleagues.
“Dose of love” Association is sustainable organization as in the time, as in the society and institutional space.


  1. HIV/AIDS and other transmissive and sexual transmitted infections prevention among drug users, sex workers and men having sex with men.
  2. Giving up opportunities for normal and better life of people living with HIV/AIDS.
  3. Creating of contemporary network for social, health and legal help and protection for the drug users in the town.
  4. Creating of contemporary network for social, health and legal help and protection for men and women, commercial sex workers.
  5. Establishing, multiplication and popularity of the best practices in the context of the vision, mission and goals of the association.

“Dose of love” Association has operated many programs and projects in the field of harm reduction, HIV/AIDS prevention, drug use, and training and research activities for more than 15 years.  

Our HIV/AIDS prevention efforts are put on the people who use drugs, sex workers, men having sex with men, prison inmates and HIV positive people.
To our clients we offer:

Low threshold centers for information, consulting, health and social support to PWID, SW and MSM; Outreach programs; Safe sex and drug use materials; Free and anonymous HIV/AIDS testing; Health consultations for decreasing vulnerability to HIV/AIDS for people with risky behavior; Psycho-social consulting to support stable social and health statute for people with risky behavior; Case management; Mediation with health and social institutions; Giving up opportunities for better life of PLWHA.

To professionals and huge society:

  • We organize and participate in trainings by HIV/AIDS problems;
  • Organize and participate in HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns among huge society;
  • Create local network for HIV/AIDS prevention.

Contact "Dose of Love":

Burgas town 8 000, 81 “Tzar Asen”str., fl. 2
tel. /fax: + 359 56 82 75 47