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NeLP III meeting - Strategic planning for NeLP

Strategy Meeting of the Network of Low HIV Prevalence Countries in Central and South East Europe  - NeLP III - To develop a strategic action plan for effective HIV advocacy in Central and South East Europe took place in Belgrade from 11 to 14 October 2012.

The meeting was organised on behalf of NeLP by Q-club – Centre for promotion of positive living and HERA – Association for health education and research, with the support of TACSO – Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organization and EATG – European ADIS Treatment Group.

On the opening ceremony the participants of the meeting were welcomed by Mr. Nenad Petković, on behalf of the Q-Club, Mr. Ninoslav Mladenović, on behalf of HERA, Mr. Darko Runić, on Behalf of the City of Belgrade and the Agency for European Integrations and Cooperation with the Civilian Sector, Mr. Sergej Vujačić, on behalf of TASCO, Mr. Ferenz Bagynszki, on behalf of EATG, and Mr. Andrej Senih, on behalf of the Steering Committee of NeLP.

The meeting brought together HIV activists, representatives of seventeen member countries of NeLP. During these three days the participants have developed a draft action plan for activities which NeLP, being a regional network, could implement to help improve HIV response, and support various activities in the member countries. The final plan should be finished by the end of November of this year and will be for the next five years.

The activities comprised in this draft were designed with special consideration the specific situations in countries with low prevalence of HIV. One of the key segments of successful and effective advocacy was influence of international organizations and networks, where NeLP will play a significant role.