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NeLP Reginal Meeting - Overcoming Obstacles to Testing Meeting

Overcoming Obstacles to Testing meeting of the Network of HIV low prevalence countries of Central and South East Europe (NeLP OOTT) took place in Sarajevo from 6th to 8th of June 2014. The meeting was organized by Q-Club on behalf of NeLP and with support of International HIV Partnerships and ViiV Healthcare.

The meeting gathered 15 experts and activists from the field of HIV testing from 14 countries of the NeLP region, Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey. The main topic of the meeting were obstacles to HIV testing in the region, as countries in the NeLP region have some of the lowest levels of HIV testing uptake, so identifying those obstacles and taking appropriate action is a burning priority. The activist did just that, but after identifying the most prevalent obstacles, they identified appropriate possible solutions for many of them, and even developed an action plan on what NeLP can do and what NeLP do within 2014. The action planning for 2014 was very strongly linked with European Testing Week 2014 which will this year be from 21st to 28th of November.

The meeting was a start of the OOTT committee of NeLP which will continue to work on overcoming the defined obstacles and define solutions; but the meeting was a start of local task forces which will further work on implementation of those solutions, where applicable, on the local and regional level.


Download oott-meeting-report-complete.pdf