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General information


1. Name/organization: ŠKUC

2. Country: Slovenia

3. Population (year): 2,049,261 (July 2010)

4. Income (GDP/capita): $23,800 (2009)

5. EU-membership: EU-member state

6. Global Fund recipient: No, never

7. Number of registered PLWHIV: 315 (in 2009, WHO). Cumulative number of registered HIV cases since 1986 until the end of 2009 was 449 cases.

8. Number of registered AIDS cases: 84 (in period 2001-­‐2010, NIPH)

9. Number of AIDS-related deaths: 25 (in period 2001-­‐2010, NIPH), 2 cases in 2010 (NIPH).

10. Number of patients on ARV: 255 (in 2009, WHO)

11. Estimated figures (UNAIDS, national estimates etc): 1000 UNAIDS, 1500 national estimates

12. Epidemiological information (way of transmission, age, gender) please include any charts/tables available: In 2009, the annual reported incidence rate of newly diagnosed HIV infection cases has been 23.5 per million population, equal to the reported rate in 2008 (Figure 1). In 2009, MSM represented 58% of newly diagnosed cases (29% other/undetermined transmission category by 31st March 2010) in comparison to 71% in 2008 (21% other/undetermined transmission category by 31st March 2010). In 2008, a substantial proportion of reported early syphilis cases (26%) occurred among MSM who had been known to live with HIV infection. During the period from 2000 to 2009, a cumulative total of two cases of HIV among IDU was reported, the last one in 2001 and a cumulative total of three cases of MTCT of HIV infection, the last one in 2004 . In 2009, HIV diagnosis was established very late, within three months of AIDS diagnosis, in 33% of all new diagnoses. During 2000-2009, the proportion of very late diagnoses has remained unacceptably high (Figure 4). The overall diagnostic HIV testing rates have been relatively low, however have increased to 1.8 tests per 100 population in 2009. In 2009, 17 AIDS cases were diagnosed (8.3 per million population) of which none presented with pulmonary tuberculosis and in 2008, 11 AIDS cases (5.4 per million population) among which also none presented with pulmonary tuberculosis. One AIDS death was reported in 2009 and five in 2008.


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