Testing Country Profile in 2015 - Turkey


Country population: 77.695 million

National GDP:  799.535 billion US dollars

EU membership: Not an EU Member country



Estimated number of PLHIV: Not available

Number of registered PLHIV: Around 10,000

Key populations at risk identified in national prevention programs:

  • Intravenous drug users
  • Sex workers

Number of patients on ARV: Around 4,000

Number of new infections for the latest annual reported period: 1761 new infections in 2014

Percentage of affected populations for the latest annual reported period:

  • Heterosexual sexual exposure 28.8%
  • MSM sexual exposure 15.5%
  • People who inject drugs 0.68%
  • Mother to child transmission 1.08%
  • Other (not known) 53.4%
  • Late presenters 52.4%

The source for the epidemiological data: The Ministry of Health statistics for transmission routes and national database for late presenters

Additional comments about the epidemiological data: The Ministry of Health does not announce HIV statistics. Thus no one knows the accurate numbers.



National policy/strategy or other recommendations from your government on HIV testing: No

Number of VCT centers in the country: None

Availability of anonymous/confidential HIV tests: No

Availability of pre- or post- testing counseling: Yes, for people who get tested in medical settings

Testing is free for anyone who wishes to get tested: No.

Testing can legally be performed by: Medical staff only in medicall settings

Testing in non-medical settings: No.

Community based testing: No.

Community-based checkpoints in the country: No.

Mobile testing in the country: No.

Number of people tested in the last annual period: 7000000 tested, including blood donors in 2012

Number of targeted testing to key populations (if available): None.

Regular community testing for other STDs: No.


Reported by: Deniz Gokengin

From organisation: EGEHAUM

Brief report regarding new HIV cases in NeLP countries in 2013 - Turkey

Total number of registered HIV infection from the first case registered – 7050

Estimation of total number of people living with HIV: 70.000 (official number multiplied by 10)

Data for 2013

  • Number of new HIV infections: 1.068 (2012)
  • Number of AIDS cases: 42
    • % Associated with mother to child transmission (MTCT): 1.1%
    • % Associated with heterosexual exposure: 46.1 %
    • % Associated with people who inject drugs (PWID): 1.9 %
    • % Associated with gay men and other MSM: 9.9 %
    • % Other/not known: 39.4 %
    • % Late presenters: not known
  • Number of people known to be living with HIV: The number of people currently living with HIV is not known exactly, since there is no official data on the number of deaths.
  • Number of people tested in the last year reported: There is no official data on this.

Anything else to add about new diagnoses?; Was there more or less diagnoses than usual?; Any trends? Were there any new locations or clusters?:

New diagnosis rise immensely each year. The Ministry of Health defends that this increase is due to the increased number of tests performed. Infection specialists state that this is because of increased heterosexual sex and sex work among 'foreign women'. New applicants to our association, on the other hand, indicate that there is considerable increase among men having sex with men and among young people.

Sources for this information: 

  • Official data released by the Ministry (numbers reported as of June 2013).
  • Consultation with the Ministry and with infection specialists.
  • Observations and feed-backs from clients