Testing Country Profile in 2015 - Macedonia


Country population: 2,022,547

National GDP: 11.32 billion US dollars

EU membership: Not an EU Member country



Estimated number of PLHIV: 900 according to the UNAIDS Spectrum model

Number of registered PLHIV: 239 (until the end of 2014)

Key populations at risk identified in national prevention programs:

  • Men who have sex with men
  • Intravenous drug users
  • Sex workers
  • Prisoners
  • Youth

Number of patients on ARV: 122

Number of new infections for the latest annual reported period: 42 new infections in 2014

Percentage of affected populations for the latest annual reported period:

  • Heterosexual sexual exposure 26.19%
  • MSM sexual exposure 71.42%
  • People who inject drugs 4.76%

The source for the epidemiological data: Annual Report, Institute for Public Health of Macedonia.



National policy/strategy or other recommendations from your government on HIV testing: Yes

Number of VCT centers in the country: 11 VCT centres within Health institutions throughout the country. In addition there is community based testing available within NGO facilities and 2 mobile units for outreach testing for 13 more cities and rural areas on demand.

Availability of anonymous/confidential HIV tests: Yes

Availability of pre- or post- testing counseling: Yes

Testing is free for anyone who wishes to get tested: Yes.

Testing can legally be performed by: Medical staff only.

Testing in non-medical settings: Yes

Community based testing: Yes

Community-based checkpoints in the country: Yes

Mobile testing in the country: Yes

Number of people tested in the last annual period: 28930 tested in 2014, only 3180 on demand (using Outreach and stationary HIV testing services)

Number of targeted key populations: 1427 tested key populations in 2014 (People who inject drugs, men who have sex with men, sex workers and prisoners).

Regular community testing for other STDs: Rapid testing for hepatitis C is available through Outreach clinics for HIV testing and free tests for Hepatitis C and B, chlamidia and syphilis are available for MSM, SW and PHID witin both Youth Friendly Centres for SRH - I want to know in Skopje..

Additional comments: Only a small amount (11%) of all the HIV testsin 2014 are performed on demand (within Stationary and Outreach HIV testing services) where adequate counseling and refferal is provided. The rest of the tests are performed in private clinics, or other healthcare institutions (by indication, in preparation of surgical interventions, for visa purposes, etc.) without any regulations or protocols for performing HIV test.


Reported by: Elizabeta Bozinoska

From organisation: HERA - Health Education and Research Association

Brief report regarding new HIV cases in NeLP countries in 2013 - Macedonia

Estimation of total number of people living with HIV: no data available

Data for 2013

  • Number of people known to be living with HIV: 197
  • Number of new HIV infections: 28
    • % Associated with mother to child transmission (MTCT): 1
    • % Associated with heterosexual exposure: 9%
    • % Associated with people who inject drugs (PWID): no data available
    • % Associated with gay men and other MSM: 18%
    • % Other/not known: -
    • % Late presenters:
    • Number of new AIDS cases: 8
    • Gender:  Male 25, Female 2
    • Main route of transmission:
      • Sexual transmission (heterosexual 10)
      • MSM 16
      • Vertical transmission 1
  • Number of people tested in the latest year reported: 1704 with VCT outrеаchvаn

Anything else to add about new diagnoses?; Was there more or less diagnoses than usual?; Any trends? Were there any new locations or clusters?: 2013 has the highest number of newly diagnosed since the beginning of the epidemic in Macedonia. Most of the cases are MSM.

Sources for this information:  Internal data base and official data from a Public Health Institute